Dynamic Routing for Seamless Delivery Execution

Maximizing Efficiency In Dispatching Operations

Effective dispatching strategies play a vital role in optimizing supply chain operations and enhancing customer satisfaction.

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Streamlined Logistics Operations

We are a dispatching company that aims for and prospers in greatness, offering our drivers at a discounted rate. We are also the ones to get the job done in no time. This solid foundation was built by experienced drivers and hands-on customer service agents, who are now your dispatchers.

Success is one of our main objectives, and we strive to establish a good communication relationship with our partners and carriers.

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Security of the packages we transport.

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Dynamic routing is another essential component of effective dispatching.

Dispatching Strategies

Maximizing Efficiency and Speed in Logistics Operations

We understand the critical role that dispatching plays in optimizing supply chain operations and meeting customer expectations. With our expertise and advanced strategies, we are committed to empowering your business with efficient dispatching solutions.

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Empowering Efficient Logistics Operations and On-Time Deliveries

Dispatching services are commonly used in various industries, including transportation, emergency services, logistics, delivery, and field service management. Transmit dispatching is the best dispatching service around.


A transportation dispatching service is a centralized system that manages the coordination and allocation of transportation resources, such as vehicles and drivers, to meet the demands of customers or clients.

Emergency Services

The dispatching service receives emergency calls from individuals reporting incidents or requesting assistance. Trained dispatchers gather essential information, such as the nature of the emergency.


Logistics services encompass the planning, execution, and optimization of transportation activities. This includes selecting the most appropriate modes of transportation (road, rail, air, sea) based on cost.


Delivery services use advanced algorithms and mapping technologies to optimize delivery routes. This helps minimize travel time, reduce fuel consumption, and improve overall efficiency.

Field Service Management

Our field service management services offer a comprehensive solution to optimize and streamline your field operations. Whether you are in the maintenance, repair, or installation industry, our services provide efficient dispatching and management of your field service personnel.

Transmit Dispatching

Transmit dispatching services refer to the process of transmitting information and instructions to personnel or resources in order to coordinate and manage tasks efficiently. It is commonly used in various industries, such as emergency services, transportation, logistics, and utilities.

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Streamline Operations with our Efficient Dispatching Services

The goal of transmit dispatching services is to ensure effective communication and coordination between dispatchers and field personnel.

Service Price Duration Category
Transportation 90.00 1:30 Dry Vans
Emergency Services 110.00 1:45 Dry Vans
Logistics 160.00 2:15 Dry Vans
Delivery 190.00 1:45 Dry Vans
Transportation 110.00 1:30 Reefers
Emergency Services 140.00 2:0 Reefers
Logistics 160.00 1:30 Reefers
Delivery 190.00 1:45 Reefers
Transportation 160.00 1:30 Flatbed Truck
Emergency Services 190.00 2:0 Flatbed Truck
Delivery 220.00 1:45 Flatbed Truck
Logistics 260.00 1:30 Flatbed Truck
Transportation 60.00 1:30 Box Truck
Emergency Services 90.00 2:0 Box Truck
Logistics 200.00 1:30 Box Truck
Delivery 130.00 1:45 Box Truck
Transportation 80.00 1:30 Hotshot
Emergency Services 120.00 2:0 Hotshot
Logistics 100.00 1:30 Hotshot
Delivery 120.00 1:45 Hotshot

Note: Overall percentage for the dispatch fee is 11%

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